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‘Birth of a Legend’ Review in MotorSport Magazine

MotorSport BOAL ReviewThe October issue of MotorSport Magazine reviews our first multimedia book in the Iconic Racer Series, ‘McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend’, stating that multimedia books had more scope to offer different types of content and the book “. . . features everything from videos to external links for more information on drivers, circuits and race series.” They went on to say that whilst McLaren had nothing to do with this project, the content ” . . . made you wonder”. (The book uses original documentation, Press Releases, film and photographs from the McLaren GT and Automotive archives – and many other sources – to accurately document aspects of the cars history.)

‘McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend’ was said to give a good guide into the details of the McLaren GT3. MotorSport went on to say that ” . . . if you want the MP4-12C GT3’s history at your fingertips, this will serve as a useful companion on your digital bookshelf.”

The book, ISBN 9780992601508, is priced at £5.49, 6,99 Euros, US$7.99. It is a large download (at just under 1.2GB) with 197 pages (with hundreds of pop-up info-pages this grows to well over 1,000 pages). The book offers excellent value-for-money with copies of original documentation, 550+ High Quality/High Resolution pictures, with numerous inbuilt and linked HD video and hundreds of internet links. A must for the McLaren and GT fan.

Many thanks to MotorSport (www.motorsport-magazine.co.uk) for their review of ‘McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend’!


McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend - Stefan Lewyckyj & Ian Doughty

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