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911 RSR Reviews

Porsche 911 RSR – A Review by Racing Reports

Iconic Racer Porsche 911-50 RSR (Type 991) IBook Review http://t.co/j9zyhnGnus — Racing Reports (@racingreports) August 1, 2014 With thanks to Jordan Wilkins, Racing Reports at www.sportsjournalismsgs.wordpress.com and www.motorsportsreports.co.uk.

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First Review of ‘Porsche 911 RSR (Type 991) – 50 Years of Refinement’

The June 12, 2014 issue of AutoSport Magazine reviews our second multimedia book in the Iconic Racer Series, ‘Porsche 911 (Type 991) – 50 Years of Refinement’ which follows the successful ‘McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend’. “The book covers the 911 RSR in detail, with 140+ pages comprising numerous photos, videos and fact […]

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Porsche Reviews

All Porsche reviews will be added to this area during the coming weeks.

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