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David Aisbett

david setting up to take a picture

David, a commercial photographer since 1999, is based in Redcar in the United Kingdom. He specialises in numerous disciplines – editorial, products, portraits, landscape corporate photographs for use in advertisements, websites, brochures, etc. Many of the slider pictures on our home page are his creations.

David says “I have witnessed the digital revolution. Digital photography was virtually unheard of when I first became interested in photography, and massively more expensive than now. With traditional film, you were always more careful about exposure and composition which is a good thing! The advent of digital allowed you to be more experimental with your work so no more worrying about expensive processing costs, ruined film, etc. Digital photography has enabled me to learn new techniques faster and shoot thousands more photos than I ever would on film.”

David is most at home when motorsport is the subject, and is especially fond of Formula 1 racing, followed by touring car and motocross championships – all very challenging to capture on camera at such high speeds.

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