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McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend – Editors’ Choice In the iBookstore!!

After a few issues in trying to get our book into the store, we now have visual confirmation that our first multimedia book ‘McLaren MP4-12C GT3 | Birth of a Legend’ has been selected as Editors’ Choice in the Made for iBooks section of the US iBookstore. With over 1.5m books now in the store, we are pleased to see that Apple have selected our book for this accolade. It was also indicated by Apple that this selection may filter through to some of their other 51 stores worldwide, although they are free to make an independent local selection.

The book, ISBN 9780992601508, is priced at £5.49, 6,99 Euros, US$7.99. It is a large download (at just under 1.2GB) with 197 pages (although with the 7 button popups featured on many pages this grows to almost 1,000 pages). The book offers excellent value-for-money with copies of original documentation, 550+ High Quality/High Resolution pictures, with numerous inbuilt and linked HD video and hundreds of internets links. A must for the McLaren and GT fan.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3 Birth of a Legend - Stefan Lewyckyj & Ian Doughty

Click on the link to go to the iBookstore.

Iconic Racer McLaren GT3 Birth of a Legend is Editors' Choice in US iBookstore
Iconic Racer McLaren GT3 Birth of a Legend is Editors’ Choice in US iBookstore