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Porsche 911 RSR Team Wallpaper

IRS02 VC 01.1 Porsche Team Manthey: Frederic MakowieckiFollowing the recent publication of our multimedia book, ‘Porsche 911 RSR (Type 991) – 50 Years of Refinement’, and the success of the free-to-download  wallpapers, Dm2 are now in the process of creating a set of downloadable desktop Porsche 911 RSR Team wallpapers. Available for PC and Apple Mac, the free wallpapers can be obtained from this page by selecting the image, enlarge when the (+) is active, and then mouse right-click to save the image. A single size of 4252 x 2835 pixels @ 300dpi can easily be reduced without loss of quality. The JPG files vary between 1MB-2MB as a download.

Designed by Ian Doughty, the set will include :

  • Porsche Team Manthey WECcars #91 and #92 (Both now available)
  • Porsche North America IMSA TUSC cars #911 and #912 (Both now available)
  • Team Falken Tires IMSA TUSC car #17 (Now available)
  • ProSpeed Competition WEC car #75 will race in the WEC series from the COTA, USA round onwards. Drivers and livery to be confirmed.
  • Dempsey Racing-Proton WEC car #77 (Now available)
  • Proton Competition WEC car #88 (Now available)

Cars #92 and #911 are available now. Ian is working on the rest of the drivers as time permits, although they should all be available within the coming days and well before end-August. We hope you like them!

Our interactive multimedia book ‘Porsche 911 RSR (Type 991) – 50 Years of Refinement‘ documents the history of the car and can be purchased at the iBookstore from just £4.99, 5,99 Euros and US$6,99. Regular free updates until the end of the 2014 season.

Porsche 911 (Type 991) - 50 Years of Refinement - Stefan Lewyckyj & Ian Doughty

Click on the link to go to the iBookstore.

Dempsey Racing Proton










Team Falken Tire No.17










Porsche North America: 912










Porsche Team Manthey: 91










Proton Competition: 88