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‘Wheel Nuts’ – GT Racing News and Reviews

Wheel nuts retro logo blkWe launched the first Edition of ‘Wheel Nuts’ just before the Total 24 Hours of Spa race at the end of July. ‘Wheel Nuts’ is our personal view of the world of GT racing where we present current news, race reviews as well as previews for all the major series – FIA WEC, ELMS, Blancpain GT, IMSA, PWC, GT Asia, SuperGT, VLN, etc. We combine news from all over the globe so you can find the information you need all in the same place each month.

Being fans ourselves, we also focus on special features for fans, with driver and team manager chats and interviews, and to bring an insight into all the specialist areas that make racing what it is today.

Our first program was very hard work for us as it was a new experience. However, we are privileged to able to bring you discussions with some of the foremost and most influential people in the sport :

(See the separate videos and/or links in the edition comments section to these films)

We have already arranged for more (and regular) chats and interviews with top GT drivers and teams for shows in the coming weeks and months.

We are aware that our first edition was not without some issues and we really struggled to get everything finalised before our publication deadline – the Spa 24 Hour race. But we managed it in the end, in a very short timescale and despite some huge hurdles! We can say for sure that the shows will improve and evolve quickly, and with your essential feedback, we intend to provide something new and interesting for all fans of GT racing on a regular basis.

A very big thanks to all for their current and continued support.

Hope you enjoy the show and don’t forget to subscribe!!!

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