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Win A Copy of ‘Porsche 911 RSR’

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Want to know all about the Porsche 911 RSR . . .? The works and Customer Teams . . .? the drivers . . . Nick Tandy, Patrick Pilet , Fred Mako, Patrick Long, Patrick Dempsey . . .? and the series and races they competed in all over the world – FIA WEC, IMSA, ELMS?

Porsche 911 RSR – 50 Years of Refinement‘ has it all.

One of the most comprehensive and detailed books on the Porsche 911 RSR, the book is easy to use and manipulate, and will not only provide a host of interesting information, photos and videos, but also take the reader on a journey through the world of Porsche and it’s Porsche Motorsport  arm.  From concept to all the race info you want – up to the end of the 2014 season. This multimedia book is a living entity, updated on a regular basis. The book is currently over 140 pages and our next update will bring it to 165 pages.

Just follow the simple instructions above. If you already follow us on Twitter, you are automatically elgible and if not just select the [FOLLOW] button. Next, answer the simple question using hashtag #IRS-2 A, or B or C in your reply. Done.

A winner will be selected at 20h00 GMT/21h00 CET on Tuesday 23rd September, 2014 and announced later that night. We will PM the download code to the winner and make the announcement.

Remember, this multimedia book is only available for use with Apple products – any Apple iPad with iOS/iBooks or any Mac (iMac or Macbook) running OSX Mavericks (and later) with iBooks.

Our interactive multimedia book ‘Porsche 911 RSR (Type 991) – 50 Years of Refinement‘ documents the history of the car and can be purchased at the iBookstore from just £4.99, 5,99 Euros and US$6,99. Regular free updates until the end of the 2014 season.

Porsche 911 (Type 991) - 50 Years of Refinement - Stefan Lewyckyj & Ian Doughty

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